Introduction to Samiram marble

One of the limestones that is widely used inside and outside the building is Semiram marble, which is usually classified as limestone. The type of Semiram stones is something between travertine and marble, that’s why they are also called tramite. Semiram stone is one of the old stones of Iran, which was used in different parts of the building, including the facade of the building. Semiram stone is often processed in longitudinal dimensions and with sanded, leather, ax, wind and guillotine methods and is used in the interior and exterior of the building

Features of Semiram marble stone

Due to the presence of clay minerals in this stone, these stones are very easy to cut.

It has high polishability.

Because they are dry and beautiful, they can be cut in different dimensions.

The bright color of this stone is one of the main advantages.

This stone has a uniform surface and no play of color can be seen in it

Semiram marble applications

Stairway stone

Cabinet stone

stone wall

Interior view of the building

Parking lot wall


Samiram marble price

:The price of this stone depends on various parameters. Including

The dimensions and thickness of the stone have a direct effect on its price.

Low-vein and low-fossil stones have a higher price.

The lighter and more uniform the stone is, the higher the price.

The quality of stone processing in terms of cutting, cutting and cutting will greatly affect the price of stone

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