Artificial Stone

Generally, artificial stones, which are called rocky compounds, are composed of a combination of natural stone materials and structural adhesives that have been fabricated in vacuum conditions. The density on this rock is high. In various types of artificial stone, 91 to 96 percent of the total weight is related to the weight of rock compounds. Aggregates also have a specific weight of 2,700. In this article, we will introduce you to the various definitions given on this stone. The difference in the various definitions of this rock is due to the difference in the nature of the materials used in the construction of rock.

• This type of rock is made up of marble and other types of limestone, which is called marble stone.
• The combination of silicate rocks such as quartz, granite, silica, quartzite, etc. is a type of rock that is called granite stone.

Some other rock materials such as serpentine, slate and dolomite can also be used to create this stone. It should be noted that the differences in the composition of this stone cause the variety of appearance of various types of artificial stone.