Today we will discuss about beautiful stones that you may have seen in different places. Marble stones that have very beautiful designs

Marble is the result of the transformation of limestone. A stone that generally gets a distinct crystal structure due to the effect of pressure and heat during metamorphism, as a result of recrystallization, but marble is a metamorphosed stone that is formed by the recrystallization of limestone, so that over time and under pressure and heat, The texture and structure of the limestone is altered, recrystallized, and produces a large, rough, veined calcite. The main mineral that makes up most of these stones is calcite, and it also has other minerals such as quartz, graphite, hematite, limonite, pyrite, etc. This stone is considered a valuable stone due to its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion.

Ancient Iranians and Greeks used this stone a lot in their buildings and sculptures. The Italian artist Michelangelo used Italian marble (Carrara) in many sculptures. Compared to travertine, this stone is more useful for floors and stairs due to its hardness and less porosity

List of products of this stone

White marmara marble – Marble Dark emperador and Dark brown – Light volume tools – Silk stone Emperor gray – Equator crystal Equatore white striped birch – Inlaid with external stone Medallion Emperor Dark Light and Dehbid.

each of which has very beautiful designs that are in accordance with the taste and opinions of customers.