Today, we will discuss about a kind of beautiful and strong stone called granite, which you may have seen in the stairs or carpet floors

These rocks are a type of internal igneous rock, for this reason its texture has medium to coarse grains and contains quartz, feldspar, mica and some other minerals. Its color varies from pink to deep gray and even black, depending on the mineral and the chemistry of the stone

This stone is one of the heaviest stones with a density of 2.75 grams per cubic centimeter. The physical characteristics of granite, including high strength, resistance to erosion, negligible water absorption, along with the diversity in appearance and coloration, have made granite one of the most popular and widely used sustainable building materials, and it has been used for thousands of years. It is used inside and outside buildings. Granite stones are often used in open spaces such as facades of buildings, stairs, courtyards, paving streets, sidewalks and areas, as well as for kitchen counters, floor tiles, stairs, swimming pools and saunas, and many things that have a decorative aspect. will be

Granite pieces can have an uneven surface or all its surfaces can be polished. Granite paving stones are used for a narrow colored road or house yard. Granite is mostly used in street pavements, which are very durable. These stones create a beautiful decorative appearance. The combination of colorful natural stones with artistic and specialized design creates a unique and durable result

List of granite stone products

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