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Website design refers to the stages of designing and building a website to inform, introduce the company and present its products. Website design is a process that consists of web page layering, content creation, graphic design and compliance with SEO principles.


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Two factors, price and quality, are very important in website design. Tehran website design while achieving the highest quality is one of the great goals of Nader. By using the advanced method and the high scientific level of our personnel, we have the honor of being one of the best website design providers in Tehran. By employing a team of professional experts, Nader is constantly trying to satisfy the customer as much as possible. Designing all kinds of dedicated and responsive websites, SEO site, application design is one of the professional activities of Nader web design company.

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Services or services are any activities or benefits that are provided from one party to another and are necessarily intangible and do not involve ownership of anything.

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Designing and setting up various store sites based on WordPress and WooCommerce

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, made his name as the first web developer in history by setting up a website in August 1991. In his first website, he used hypertext and a link to email. In the beginning, websites were written in simple HTML code, a type of markup language that gave websites a simple structure, including headings and paragraphs, and the ability to link to other addresses via hyperlinks. Compared to other methods, this was a fresh and different way that users could simply open linked pages with a browser. As the web developed, its coding language, HTML, became more complex and flexible. Tools such as tables, which were mostly used to display data graphs, were soon misused for hidden layouts on web pages.

Corporate website design

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Database integration technologies, such as server-side scripting languages such as CGI, ruby, node js, Python, PHP, ASP. NET, ASP, JSP and ColdFusion and modern design standards with templates (CSS) have reshaped and advanced the structure of websites. Responsive site is a site that is compatible with the dimensions and resolution of different devices and users regardless of the small screen size of their device. Also, with the arrival of animated images and animation technologies to the pages, such as Flash, the face of the web changed more than before and new capabilities were given to media creators and web designers.

Mobile app design

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سایت‌های ثابت یکبار طراحی می‌شوند و اطلاعات مورد نیاز در داخل آن‌ها قرار می‌گیرد و پس از آن برای تغییر در آن‌ها نیاز به یک طراح حرفه‌ای یا نیمه حرفه‌ای سایت است. زبان برنامه‌نویسی این‌گونه از سایتها غالباً HTML و Java Script هستند که در نوع توسعه یافته تر از CSS نیز بهره گرفته می‌شود. این نوع دسته از وب سایت‌ها به صورت HTML ساده طراحی می‌شوند. از آنجا که حجم کمتری از کد در طراحی سایت‌های ثابت استفاده می‌شود سرعت بارگذاری (Loading) بالایی دارند. علاوه بر این کاهش حجم کدها که باعث خوانایی بشتر سایت توسط ربات‌های جستجوگر می‌شود از یک سو و کاهش زمان بارگذاری از سوی دیگر سبب بهتر شدن وضعیت آن‌ها از لحاظ امتیاز دهی موتورهای جستجو یا همان «رنکینگ» می‌شود. سایتهای ثابت قیمت طراحی پایین‌تری را نیز عمدتاً نسبت به سایر سایت‌ها دارند.

Responsive design

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محتوای سایتهای داینامیک بعد از طراحی توسط افراد عادی که دسترسی به سیستم مدیریت محتوای سایت را داشته باشند قابل تغییر است. زبان برنامه‌نویسی وبسایتهای پویا می‌تواند براساس نیاز متفاوت باشد اما عمدتاً از زبان‌های ASP، ASP.Net و PHP استفاده می‌شود و از زبان‌های کمکی CSS و Silver light یا Ajax برای ایجاد قابلیت‌های ویژه نیز بهره گرفته می‌شود. در این‌گونه از سایتها ابتدا اسکلت سایت توسط طراح ایجاد می‌شود و سپس محتوا توسط مدیران سایت‌ها تغییر می‌کند مانند فرم قراردادی که یکبار توسط فردی ایجاد می‌شود و توسط افراد دیگری بارها تکمیل می‌شود، از این رو طراح نسبت به محل قرار گرفتن و اندازه دقیق متون و تصاویر و سایر عناصری که بعداً توسط مدیران سایتها تغییر می‌کند اطلاع ندارد بنابراین چاره‌ای ندارد جز اینکه همه حالات را در نظر بگیرد و اینکار سبب می‌شود تاحدودی از گرافیک و جلوه سایت کاسته شود.

SEO and digital marketing

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Portals are comprehensive dynamic sites that pursue several specific goals in one site, in other words, the sum of several dynamic sites that are put together to achieve a specific goal can be called a portal. For example, a news portal can be made up of several dynamic sites, each of which provides its managers with special features such as membership registration, publishing news, publishing pictures, surveys, etc. All the features of a dynamic site can also apply to a portal. Note: Portals are usually purchased by organizations, groups and companies. Due to the need to update different parts of their administration, it is very difficult for one person unless it is viewed as a part-time job at least.

Our latest articles and research


About artificial stone

02 Mar

artificial stone In general, artificial stone, which is also called stone compounds, consists of a combination of natural stone materials and structural adhesives that are fabricated under vacuum conditions. The density in this stone is high. In all kinds of artificial stones, usually 91-96% of the total weight is related to the weight of the...


02 Mar

?What is sandstone Sand sediments that are stuck to each other with the help of calcium carbonate, silica, iron oxide and dolomite are called limestone, siliceous, iron oxide and dolomite sandstone, respectively. Based on the nature of the primary sedimentary sand, sandstones may have a soft or rough texture. In terms of color, based on...

Granite stones

02 Mar

Today, we will discuss about a kind of beautiful and strong stone called granite, which you may have seen in the stairs or carpet floors These rocks are a type of internal igneous rock, for this reason its texture has medium to coarse grains and contains quartz, feldspar, mica and some other minerals. Its color...

marble stone

02 Mar

Today we will discuss about beautiful stones that you may have seen in different places. Marble stones that have very beautiful designs Marble is the result of the transformation of limestone. A stone that generally gets a distinct crystal structure due to the effect of pressure and heat during metamorphism, as a result of recrystallization,...


02 Mar

Travertine is the product of old limestone springs, which are seen in relatively wide areas. In most cases, the layers in the deposits of this stone are horizontal or are placed with a gentle slope, which depends on the morphology of the earth’s surface. So that in some cases they occupy huge reserves in wide...

Samiram marble stone

02 Mar

Introduction to Samiram marble One of the limestones that is widely used inside and outside the building is Semiram marble, which is usually classified as limestone. The type of Semiram stones is something between travertine and marble, that’s why they are also called tramite. Semiram stone is one of the old stones of Iran, which...

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