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dehbid marble

Due to the cavities, it has thermal and acoustic insulation. Travertine strong> has an acceptable resistance. This travertine stone can be cut into two corrugated and non-wavy shapes. Travertine  has holes and cavities that need to be filled at surface during processing. Travertine Can be used in both inner and outer views, as well as for landscaping. 


Marble  is a kind of altered rock that is formed by re-crystallization of limestone, the main constituent of most marble  is calcite and also has minerals Another is quartz, graphite, hematite, limonite, perit, etc. The marble marble  strong> is a valuable stone for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. Generally, rocks Marble  is not recommended for Travertine  for outdoor appearance.


Granite is often extracted as a stone (natural stone is cut in blocks with length, width and thickness). Granite  is so hard that it is resistant to most wear and tear and is so sturdy that it can withstand a significant amount of weight, and to a degree neutral that is resistant to weathering, and can be brightened with a substrate Made These features make the granite stone a very popular and useful stone.
Granite is used as a broken stone or an agglut. Granite  is used as a material in construction sites, as an aggluttage in the construction of roads, railroads, foundations, and any other Where broken stone is useful as a filler


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